Sunday, September 25, 2016

Banned Books Week Giveaway!

I can't believe it's banned books week again! 
In honor of Banned Books Week, I am giving away my trio of Phantom books to a random commenter (to be chosen by The winner may choose the format: digital, paperback, or audio (GREAT NARRATION ON THIS SERIES, just sayin') 

Stevie-girl and the Phantom Pilot
Book Two Phantom Student
Book Three Crybaby Bridge

I'll bet everyone is familiar with certain banned books like Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man about the horrors of racial discrimination, 

but did you know the chunky children's book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See was once banned by the Texas Board of Education. Author Bill Martin Jr. happens to Texas Board of Ed because Bill Martin, Jr (the author) has the same name as a Marxist theorist and no one checked to see if they were the same person. Talk about oversight. Sheesh!

For another surprise, check this out. In 1987 the Anchorage, Alaska school board voted to ban the American Heritage Dictionary because of entries for slang words like "knocker," and "balls." I may be twisted, but I think that's funny. As if any self-respecting teen would check out the dictionary to learn new slang.

Those are only a few of the strange reasons books get banned, and while my Phantom series hasn't been banned--to my knowledge--it did have several religious references cut by the publisher. I've restored some of those references in the first book, but not all. 
Afterthought: Censorship comes in many forms.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Stevie-girl and the Phantom Pilot Book One

What does this song have to do with Stevie-girl and the Phantom Pilot?

Stevie-girl and the Phantom Pilot ~ Book One ~
Stevie-girl and the Phantom Student ~Book Two ~

Also available on

Friday, July 15, 2016

International Author's Day Blog Hop & Giveaway!

Good morning and welcome to Ann's Afterthoughts. This is the place where I can be myself. The place where I expound on anything and everything. The place where I promote my writing and that of other authors. Today's post is sponsored by Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay, a wonderful blogger/reviewer in India.  For today's post I wanted to give a nod to some of my favorite authors from years past.

As a child I read a lot. I discovered Poe's short stories when I was very young--they terrified and delighted me. I also loved Ray Bradbury and Mary Stewart. Bradbury's speculative fiction and Stewart's fantasy fiction transported me to other worlds. In addition to my books, I grew up watching The Twilight Zone and Star Trek on television. It wasn't until I discovered Nathaniel Hawthorne that I came back down to earth so-to-speak. Later there was Stephen King. I could write an entire post on my love/hate relationship with his work (maybe I'll do that later, suffice it to say I've read almost everything he has published).

For now let me direct you to the remainder of the hop (see the link at the end) and to my own giveaway, a digital copy of Memories from Maple Street, Pawprints on My Heart (an anthology of true stories about beloved pets from best selling authors), OR a digital copy of Takers: Apocalypse in Eden, my latest speculative fiction novel. TO BE ENTERED IN MY GIVEAWAY, SIMPLY LEAVE ME A COMMENT WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. will choose the winner on July 19th.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pawprints on My Heart

Wonderful Pet tales to tug at your heartstring and your funny bone! Stories about pets we rescued and those that rescued us. My story is about Snakeman, my furry, four-legged sibling. I based the dog in Takers on old Snakeman. After all these years, I still miss him. 

Available at Amazon and elsewhere in print or ebook. Digital review copies are available for a short time (they're going fast), just comment on this post with your email address if you are a reviewer.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Goodreads Winners: Oh, the Horror!

Yay! Goodreads Giveaways are complete.  Out of 1, 014 entries, FIVE readers won autographed copies of TAKERS: Apocalypse in Eden. I hope you all like Jack and Snake -- if you do, please leave me a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. You can say you won the book, it doesn't have to be a verified purchase. Check out this cool review from NetGalley:

This is a fast moving, bloody, and dark book – and it’s got some awesome musical references. Aside from the aforementioned underlying mysticism, there’s a religious aspect to it. It’s not a preachy book, but the religious aspect plays a very direct role in what happens here. Note further that, even though our main character is a kid not yet in high school, this is by no means a kid’s book or even YA. This is Horror/SF for adults.
Only $2.99 Amazon

Here are the names of the lucky winners: Heather Cooney, Doug Brown, Scott Parker, Rachel Burke, and Jennifer Lorenz - Congrats to all, the books are in the mail! Next time, I'll list the winners of the COPPER LAKE giveaway.