Saturday, August 19, 2017

September is National Literacy Month

In honor of National Literacy Month, McDonald’s is giving a free book with every Happy Meal purchase from September 5 to 18. Yes, that’s right—a book! Partnering with HarperCollins Publishers, the fast food giant will include one of the following: a copy of Pete the Cat’s Got Class by James Dean, Amelia Bedelia’s First Day of School by Herman Parish, Just A School Project by Mercer Mayer, or If You Take a Mouse to School by Laura Numeroff in each Happy Meal box. In some locations, the books will be available in both English and Spanish.
What's more, McDonald’s is also teaming up with Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) to offer families an extended experience around the featured books with a new digital portal. On the site, families can access lesson plans, puzzles, activities, and reading passages for all levels to keep the reading going!
What a GREAT idea. I remember getting a serialized version of a Stephen King book -- I believe it was The Green Mile -- through Diet Coke a few years back (okay, it was quite a few years) and they had other awesome authors as well. I saved every tiny book.
I hope other retailers take note. A free book would make those late night grocery runs well worth the effort!
Afterthought: I can't wait to collect all of these with my grandkids!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Short Fiction - Where It Will Land - Easy Street Magazine

“Little Yellow Horses,” oil on canvas, by Franz Marc, 1912.
Hey, look at this lovely layout and art accompanying my creative nonfiction story, "Where it Will Land," in Easystreet Magazine. There's a ton o' great fiction here! 

Thank you, Easystreet!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Women's Fiction on Sale 99¢

Liz falls in love with Quinn the moment they meet in college. He professes to love her, too. She begins to think about the future, but his past rips them apart. What Liz does next impacts the rest of their lives, but she feels it is the only way… she does it all for love.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Writing Contest - Enter Soon!

Manuscript Contest 

Deadline Extended to July 15, 2017

Who: All writers are welcome to submit an entry whether you are non-published, self-published, traditionally published or just beginning your writing journey.
What: Submit the first 3000 words of your unpublished manuscript. It doesn’t matter if it is a completed work or a work in progress. Also, submit a 500-word synopsis.
When: Contest opens June 01, 2017 and ends at midnight June 30, 2017
Where: Manuscript contest winners will be announced at the Permian Basin Writers Workshop.
Why: Each accepted submission will receive feedback in the form of critiques from three authors.

Winner of each category will also receive reviews that can be used on social media and book outlets, a personal interview with a Literary Agent, and a write up in local newspapers.

Manuscript Submission Rules and Guidelines

Have you written a book or two? Are you halfway through the fourth chapter of your first manuscript? The Permian Basin Manuscript Contest is for you. Choose from seven(7) different genres. Each entry is only $30. You may enter up to three manuscripts.
The contest is open now and closes at midnight on June 30, 2017. Winners will be announced at the Permian Basin Writers Workshop on September 15, 2017. Submit your entries by email to: Please place  MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION  in the subject line so it will be properly routed.


Middle Grade/YA
General Fiction/Literary Fiction

Format and Guidelines

  • Present the first chapters of your manuscript. There’s no need to count pages. Submit 3000 total words. This will include a 500-word synopsis.
  • 12 point Times New Roman, double spaced with one inch margins
  • Submission must be saved as a .docx Word Document.
  • Memoirs should only use first name in the entry or name changed for anonymity
  • Name of author should not appear anywhere on manuscript entry or synopsis
  • Do not use Track Changes feature
  • No Headers or Footers allowed
  • Each unique entry is limited to one submission
  • Limit of three submissions @ $30.00 per submission
  • Submissions may be in one or more genres
  • Save submission as Lastname_Firstname_Genre_Title.docx (Lowry_Lois_MiddleGrade_TheGiver.docx)
  • Title must appear only on first page of manuscript submission
  • After title, the synopsis comes next
  • “Synopsis” should appear at the top of the first page of the synopsis.
  • Title and “Synopsis” count toward word totals
  • Allocate around 500 words for the synopsis
  • The remainder of the 3000 words will be the beginning of your manuscript
  • Choose the most fitting genre for the entry if your genre is not listed
  • Submit contest submission as an email attachment.
  • In the body of the email include: Name, Pen Name (if applicable), title of manuscript submission, email address, phone number, second choice of genre, PayPal payment confirmation number(s).
  • Payment must be made via the PayPal button first. Copy and paste the confirmation number into the email with your entry.
  • Only paid entries will be judged
  • Must have minimum of 10 entries per genre. Contestant will be given the option of a second category if the first category does not make
  • Contest opens 12:01am on June 1st and closes at midnight on June 30th. All times are Central Standard Time.
  • Failure to comply with any of the guidelines forfeits entry and fee

Cost: $30 for each submission. A limit of three unique submissions are allowed.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Repeat! Copper Lake on sale 99¢

COPPER LAKE - Romantic/Suspense excerpt:

“You know why I’m here.” Woody's tone was solemn. “I don’t know for certain what happened with you and Bill, but you know I care about you. And all that other stuff—the investigation—that’s just bullshit. It’ll go away eventually. Everyone knows you’re the best detective in all of New Mexico.” He pulled the car door closed and slipped the gearshift into drive. “And by the way, telling the sheriff you were going to stay with your sister might hide you from most of the office, but I knew you didn’t have a sister.”

Kendra watched him drive away in what used to be her fleet car. A red rooster tail of dust followed him. After a few moments, the car was out of sight, and the forest closed in around her, sealing up her thoughts.

Can Detective Kendra Dean solve the crimes of this sadistic killer, or will she become another of his strange tattoos?

On Sale through the end of June

While you think it over, listen to the song that played on repeat while I worked on this manuscript.

Bring Me to Life – Amy Lee – Evanescense (Kendra’s song for Woody)

 Now on Audible as well! Excellent narration by Mindy Grall
only $1.99 limited time offer!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Interview with Jen Selinsky

Hi, Jen, it's nice to have you on the blog today. We've been FB friends for awhile, and I'm constantly amazed by your prolific nature! Please, tell us about your current WIP or most recent release.
I am currently working on many different titles, but one which I am most looking forward to is the release Runaway Choo Choo, which is soon to be published by Pen It! Publications.  The publisher already sent me preliminary sketches by the illustrator, and they look really good.

Have you really published 170 books? Drop a link to your author page, please!

I know it sounds like a lot, but I have really published over 170 books.  Most of them are poetry titles, and a good portion of them are less than 100 pages, but I also have written books in many different genres.  Here is a hyperlink to my Lulu author spotlight.  The bulk of my work can be found there.

Do you have a day job, or is writing your bread n’ butter?

I work part-time as a professional librarian (used to be full-time), but I hope that I can make a complete transition to writing for a living someday.

When and where do you do your best writing? Do you have a special routine?
I don’t have much of a routine when it comes to writing, especially since inspiration can strike at any time!  It seems, however, that I do a lot of my best writing at night.

If you could go backward or forward in time, would you? Where and when?
If I could travel in time, I would like to go back to England during the ‘60s and/or the ‘70s.  How I would love to meet some of my favorite musicians, especially the ones who are no longer with us.

What are you most passionate about?
I am passionate about the Lord and all the gifts He has given me.  Besides writing, I enjoy the beauty of nature, especially when walking outside.

Describe yourself, not physical, the inner you . . .
I feel that I’m a multifaceted individual with a lot to offer.  When the desire to write gets a hold of me, there is no stopping any creative endeavor which I choose to bring to life.

What’s your favorite book (s) or who are your favorite author (s)?
One of my favorite books is Les Misérables by Victor Hugo.  Some of my current favorite writers, poets, and musicians include: Sylvia Plath, Ellen Hopkins, James Patterson, Peter Gabriel, and Steve Hackett.

What are you currently reading?
One of the books I am currently reading is A Dead Guy in the Summerhouse by Marian Allen.  It’s an engaging story full of mystery!

If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
I would love to go to England, as I am an Anglophile and am fascinated with its history and culture.  I am also a great fan of classic rock, and it would be interesting to see some of the places associated with a few of my favorite bands.

What would you like readers to know about you and/or your work?
I would like for people to know that even though I started out writing poetry, and that it constitutes the bulk of my work, that I have expanded to include many other genres.  I have published adult coloring books, cookbooks, children’s picture books, short stories, novels, essays, and quotes.  My hope is for my readers to see that I have something for everybody!

Author Bio: 
Jen Selinsky was born in Pittsburgh, PA.  In 2003, she earned her bachelor's degree in English from Clarion University of Pennsylvania.  In 2004, she earned her master's degree in library science from the same school.  Jen has worked as a professional librarian for over eleven years.  She has published more than 170 books, many of which contain poetry.  Her work can be found on the following sites: Lulu, Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Pen It! Publications, and Buy Me Books Now.  She has also been featured in publications such as: The Courier Journal, Explorer Magazine, Liphar Magazine, and Indiana Libraries.  Jen lives in Sellersburg, IN with her husband.

Links to Social Media:
My Amazon Author Page: Jen's Amazon Page
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