Sunday, May 21, 2017

Copper Lake on sale 99¢

COPPER LAKE - Romantic/Suspense excerpt:

“You know why I’m here.” Woody's tone was solemn. “I don’t know for certain what happened with you and Bill, but you know I care about you. And all that other stuff—the investigation—that’s just bullshit. It’ll go away eventually. Everyone knows you’re the best detective in all of New Mexico.” He pulled the car door closed and slipped the gearshift into drive. “And by the way, telling the sheriff you were going to stay with your sister might hide you from most of the office, but I knew you didn’t have a sister.”

Kendra watched him drive away in what used to be her fleet car. A red rooster tail of dust followed him. After a few moments, the car was out of sight, and the forest closed in around her, sealing up her thoughts.

Can Detective Kendra Dean solve the crimes of this sadistic killer, or will she become another of his strange tattoos?

through the end of June


While you think it over, listen to the song that played on repeat while I worked on this manuscript.

Bring Me to Life – Amy Lee – Evanescense (Kendra’s song for Woody)

 Now on Audible as well! Excellent narration by Mindy Grall
only $1.99 limited time offer!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Permian Basin Writers Workshop Manuscript Contest!

Permian Basin Writers Workshop Manuscript Contest
Who: All writers are welcome to submit an entry whether you are non-published, self-published, traditionally published or just beginning your writing journey.
What: Submit the first 3000 words of your unpublished manuscript. It doesn’t matter if it is a completed work or a work in progress. Also, submit a 500-word synopsis.
When: Contest opens June 01, 2017 and ends at midnight June 30, 2017
Where: Manuscript contest winners will be announced at the Permian Basin Writers Workshop.
Why: Each accepted submission will receive feedback in the form of critiques from three authors. 

Friday enjoy the breakout session with Chuck Sambuchino - Writer's Digest

 Chuck Sambuchino
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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy Mom's Day! FREE Ebook for Mom

Does your mom bake cookies? Create amazing Sunday dinners? Bring home the bacon while Dad holds down the fort? If your Mom is anything like mine was, she probably does a little of everything.

All For Love
My Mom was a talented seamstress who not only made all our clothes when we were kids, but also all of our Barbie's clothes. She even sewed our quilts and curtains. Of course my Dad didn't care about all that, he was more interested in the food. Mom was a wonderful cook who had supper on the table at six o'clock every night. We never ate at a restaurant unless we were on vacation.

In addition to all that, Mom also grew gorgeous roses, kept the lawn mowed, cleaned the house top to bottom, and found time to sit in front of the fireplace and read. She loved to read. One day I came home from school and found Mom asleep in front of the fireplace, feet propped up on the hearth, book open on her lap, the bottoms of her Keds melted and curled down like little frowns.

So in honor of my late Mom's love of reading, I'm giving away ebook copies of ALL FOR LOVE to the first five commenters who tell me why they love their Mom. Just be sure to leave me your email address so I can send you the book. Happy Mother's Day!