Saturday, August 30, 2014

An E-Z Way to Stay Up-to-Date with Your Favorite Author

Would you like to know the moment your favorite author has a new book available? It's as easy as click, click, click!

Amazon offers this feature through the Amazon Author's page. 

All you have to do is go to Amazon, type your favorite author's name in the Amazon search bar, then click on the author's page when their photo comes up. 

Once there, click on the following words on the upper right side of the page:
That's it, now you will get an email every time that author--in this case, me--has a new book available!

Go here for my Amazon Author Page

and you will see what I mean. While there, you can also get a FREE sample of any (or each) of my books sent directly to your Kindle. I love this Amazon feature. It's just like browsing in a brick-n-mortar bookstore. I use it all the time. And if by some chance you don't have a Kindle, just download the FREE Kindle App!

Afterthought: Don't forget to treat your author to a review when you finish your book. Reviews are almost as good as chocolate. ;-D