Saturday, December 23, 2017

Winners Revealed

The winner of the random drawing for the paperback copy of The Remains in the Pond  (here on my blog) is Rochelle Jackson! Congrats, Rochelle, your book is in the mail.

The winner of the paperback copy of The Remains in the Pond (Goodreads giveaway) is Hope Burton! Congrats to Hope -  your book is also in the mail.

Many thanks to the 950 folks who entered the combined giveaways. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

Excerpt from the novel:

A branch cracked, a shadow moved, and panic slid between my ribs like a blade.

       She stared into my headlights, one hand shielding her eyes like a sailor looking for land, and then, like a flash, she ran straight at me. Straight toward my little Honda with the window rolled down. Her hair flew out behind her and it was all so surreal that for a moment, I simply sat there, paralyzed. Then she raised her right hand above her head. In her grip, I caught a glimpse of silver.