Sunday, May 21, 2017

Copper Lake on sale 99¢

COPPER LAKE - Romantic/Suspense excerpt:

“You know why I’m here.” Woody's tone was solemn. “I don’t know for certain what happened with you and Bill, but you know I care about you. And all that other stuff—the investigation—that’s just bullshit. It’ll go away eventually. Everyone knows you’re the best detective in all of New Mexico.” He pulled the car door closed and slipped the gearshift into drive. “And by the way, telling the sheriff you were going to stay with your sister might hide you from most of the office, but I knew you didn’t have a sister.”

Kendra watched him drive away in what used to be her fleet car. A red rooster tail of dust followed him. After a few moments, the car was out of sight, and the forest closed in around her, sealing up her thoughts.

Can Detective Kendra Dean solve the crimes of this sadistic killer, or will she become another of his strange tattoos?

through the end of June


While you think it over, listen to the song that played on repeat while I worked on this manuscript.

Bring Me to Life – Amy Lee – Evanescense (Kendra’s song for Woody)

 Now on Audible as well! Excellent narration by Mindy Grall
only $1.99 limited time offer!

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