Thursday, September 3, 2015

New Release - Old Amarillo - Amish Journeys #1

Sara Barnard is a mother of four, a wife, a teacher, and a wonderful storyteller. She writes historical romances, children's fiction, and Amish romances. 

If you like sweet, Amish romance + a couple of historical cowboys, this is the book for you. 

Better yet, it's the start of the series, Amish Journeys. (Yes, we all know how you readers love your series!) 

Disillusioned and feeling there is more to life than can be found on her family's Indiana farm, atypical Amish girl Katie Knepp bucks tradition and leaves everything behind, bound for a supposed Mennonite settlement rumored to be somewhere around Old Amarillo, Texas. But the trail to Texas is a hard one, laced with disease, would-be-could-be bandits, and a drought so severe that turning back isn't an option. During her epic overland struggle, Katie discovers friendship, even in the ever-present outlaw element, a strength in herself she'd never dreamed she possessed, and those in her past who refuse to become unwilling memories. Katie's story isn't Amish, nor is it western . . . it is uniquely Texan.

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