Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Bit of Lilac Lane

Lilac Lane is the follow up book to Stutter Creek, my bestselling Suspense novel from 5 Prince Publishing. In Lilac Lane, Ella and her ten year old son, Nick, flee their hometown of Albuquerque, NM to start a new life in a small town. Her ex-husband is in jail for abuse, and they just want to start a new life without him.

Within days they meet local wildlife biologist, Chet Boone. This is what happens after the three of them share pizza and a song together:

         “You’re humming that Brown Eyed Girl song aren’t you?” Nick asked.
         “Hmm. So I was. It’s an old song from way back. I’ve always liked it.” She pulled into the carport and engaged the Jeep’s parking brake. The pine trees were fragrant. Several branches touched the metal roof of the carport. They made a shushing sound when the wind blew. It also sent their tangy green fragrance into the Jeep’s open windows. “We may regret not having a garage when it snows this winter,” she said.
         “I think he likes you,” Nick replied.
         Ella stopped with her finger on the automatic window button. The windows stopped halfway up. “Chet Boone?”

         Nick rolled his eyes. “No. The Incredible Hulk.”

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  1. I loved Lilac Lane when I was able to finish it -- the writing is superb, but some of the conflict the characters were dealing with were MUCH too close to my own personal conflicts to finish when I first started reading -- and suffice it to say the day COPPER LAKE releases, I am getting a copy!! I HAVE to see what happens next!!!!

  2. Thanks, Sara. Oddly enough, I heard that same comment from at least two other women. I hate that it's so realistic, and I love that it's so realistic because I know how it ends. =)


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