Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day America! How about a World War Z review to celebrate?

'Tis the 4th of July,
Dude is heating up the grill for ribs, burgers, and hotdogs.  And when it gets dark we'll set off some fireworks with the grandkids . . . it's going to be a great day.

And what could be more American than Zombies?  That's right.  I'm talking about World War Z, the Brad Pitt movie that proves he's still got it.  Oh what?  You wanted to hear about the super-charged zombies who move as if they are on speed?  Well, okay, maybe later, but right now we've got to get Brad out of the way.  Yep.  Loved him in Thelma & Louise, Legends of the Fall, and A River Runs Through It.  Now, WWZ.  Okay, okay, you're right.  I'm just a sucker for a zombie face.  No, not his.  He isn't a zombie--he's the hero!  That's not a spoiler is it?

Okay, long story short, I loved it.  So did Dude.  Max Brooks wrote a heckuva cool story, and as you know, if you've read my reviews before, I take my pillow and blankie to the Drive-In (our fave movie venue) and if the flick is boring, I take a nap. . .  

Didn't have to worry about that with WWZ.  I didn't even think to get my pillow out.  Didn't have time.  From the very first scene, the action just rolled along the way it should.  No shambling undead here, these suckers went through the change within seconds of being infected and then it was Katie-bar-the-frickin-door, literally!  Yeehaw.  I think I just may have to go see this one again.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 Independence Day stars!

Afterthought:  Thank the good Lord that Dude's back is healed so that we can sit through movies again.  Those herniated discs are murder on our viewing pleasure!


  1. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this movie and I loved the book, audiobook et all! Did you guys see it in 3D? OMG Jack Rabbit zombies!!

    1. No, we didn't see it in 3D. We were at the Drive-In Movie. Even so, I nearly jumped out of the window a time or two. I can only imagine what I would have done seeing it in 3D!


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