Saturday, June 15, 2013

Stevie-girl and the Phantom of Crybaby Bridge revisited #WeWriWa

Hello Weekend Writers, here is another snippet from book three in the Phantom series.  Last week, Jase and Stevie thought they heard a crying baby. They also thought they saw a ghostly figure.  This time, I'm not going strictly in order. But this is the gist of what happened the next time they visited Crybaby Bridge ...

          “It looks like a woman,” Jase murmured.  “What’s she wearing, a nightgown?”

            The fabric did appear to be quite thin, or perhaps that was because of the rays of fading light behind her.  “What’s she doing?”
            Jase shook his head.  “She appears to be looking for something . . .”
            My breath froze in my throat.
            She was coming toward us, toward the bridge.  Her eyes were downcast, searching the banks of the creek as she glided along. 
            “Waahhhmaaahh.”  The sound was louder.

Okay, that's all today.  Don't forget to visit all the other authors at #WeWriWa


  1. An apparition so sad searching for her crying baby? Good eight.

  2. Really fascinating and your description is ever so spooky! Terrific snippet...

  3. And she's moving closer . . .

    Nicely chilling scene!

  4. Eeerie! The snippet gave me a shivery feeling. Nice eight!

  5. Ooo, creepy! Loved it. Definitely wanna know where this is going. Great 8!

  6. Great eight! Sad and spooky.

    1. Thanks, it is that, but hopefully more spooky...

  7. Great eight -- sad and spooky.

  8. Very suspenseful! I bet Jase was as freaked out as Stevie when they realized the apparition was headed in their direction! I like a good spooky story :)

  9. I suspect she's looking for the baby.

    Great eight.

  10. I really enjoyed the description of the woman's clothing, it's like I could see it.


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