Thursday, October 18, 2012

Great Halloween book for middle grades and up!

My favorite Halloween tale is, of course, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving.  Most kids have seen the video by a certain age, but the story is something else again.  Or could it be that I'm biased because I write scary stories?  Maybe.  All I know is, reading it brings a whole new understanding of poor Ichabod Crane.  Try it.  See what you think!  And then, move on to MY scary story for kids age twelve and up:
The Phantom Student
In The Phantom Student, Jase and Stevie-girl must find out why a phantom is haunting Stevie. They think it is related to the new student, a boy who is being bullied because he has something called Tourette Syndrome.  

They've heard it said that evil never skips a generation, and on a dark and desperate Halloween night, the entire town will find out just how evil, and how deadly, bullying can be. 

Afterthought: The Phantom Pilot, book one in the Phantom series, is included in this volume!

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