Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 'n Stuff

Hello Everybodee,
Hope you all had a delicious Valentine's Day.  My Dude went overboard.  Lavender colored roses, chocolate covered strawberries, toffee from Susie's South 40, and a wiggly card. Man, what a man!  Or is there something I should know?  Does he have a guilty conscience perhaps?  Oh well, I'll worry about that after I've nibbled all the white chocolate off those delectable strawberries.

Speaking of Valentine's Day . . . the new anthology from Cool Well Press was released today.  The title is TIMELESS.  All the stories are about eternal love (of the supernatural kind, of course).  My story is called The Soul Gardener.  It's about a couple, Ambrose and Alma, who have to "literally" change before they can be together.  Yep, one of them might be a shapeshifter . . . or something.  Of course the book is available at Amazon and at Cool Well Press, or just click the the book cover on the left side of the blog.  This one will be in print and digital.  Yeehaw! 

Wasn't that a neat interview with Allison Merritt last week?  Her book sounds great.  I've got a couple of upcoming interviews of my own.  One will be this coming Friday on Betty Dravis's blog, Dames of Dialogue.  I will try to put a link to it when it comes out--I'm pretty TC though, so we'll see what happens.  The second interview will be on the Mad Written Words blog.  Don't you love that title?  I think it suits me.  But I'm not sure when that one is coming out.  They said they would let me know ahead of time.  Oooh, I need to have them on here!  Let me go scratch a note to myself: interview interviewers.  Or I suppose I could just tell Siri, mother's little iPhone helper.  LOL.  I love it when she says, "I'm really sorry about this, but I can't help you right now."  I always picture her in the bathroom with a tiny little magazine or something, and big old giant me banging on the door instructing her to "Make a reminder; take a note; look up a phone number."  Technology, hah!  Ain't it cool?
Okay, that's enough rambling for tonight.  It's sooo late!  And I've got some virtual bucks burning a hole in my virtual wallet. (Leftover MP3 eCertificate from Amazon.)  But my eyes are burning, too.  I might have to let those bucks smolder a while longer.  

Goodnight and have a great week.  

Afterthought: If you have a neat contest idea ... please let me know.  Just click on the word comment right down there ... can you see it?  Then type a comment.  :-) Or you can shoot me an email if you'd rather! 

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