Monday, March 27, 2017

Ann's Afterthoughts

Beginning a new series of writing and marketing tips. I hope you will tune in. I will be asking for guest authors to share their expertise. Comment if you'd like to be included.

I'll start:

Rule #1 WRITE

So in that vein I give you Rule #2

 And yes, I stole both quotes from Stephen King because if you're going to steal, make sure it's from someone who knows what they are about.


  1. I was checking out your blog because I'm mentioning yours on my B2B Cyber Convention Blog Hop page. Angela stopped the daisy chain but I wanted to direct my readers to a fellow author. My hop will be at my page. If you need a guest author for your post, I'm always available. See you at the Hop!

  2. This is my blog hop page. I used your blog's address. I can always change it to your blog hop page.


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