Thursday, June 2, 2016

Goodreads Winners: Oh, the Horror!

Yay! Goodreads Giveaways are complete.  Out of 1, 014 entries, FIVE readers won autographed copies of TAKERS: Apocalypse in Eden. I hope you all like Jack and Snake -- if you do, please leave me a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. You can say you won the book, it doesn't have to be a verified purchase. Check out this cool review from NetGalley:

This is a fast moving, bloody, and dark book – and it’s got some awesome musical references. Aside from the aforementioned underlying mysticism, there’s a religious aspect to it. It’s not a preachy book, but the religious aspect plays a very direct role in what happens here. Note further that, even though our main character is a kid not yet in high school, this is by no means a kid’s book or even YA. This is Horror/SF for adults.
Only $2.99 Amazon

Here are the names of the lucky winners: Heather Cooney, Doug Brown, Scott Parker, Rachel Burke, and Jennifer Lorenz - Congrats to all, the books are in the mail! Next time, I'll list the winners of the COPPER LAKE giveaway.


  1. I just read takers,it was great.I met you Ann @ the comic con in midland Texas.Should have bought it then to get it autographed.Hope to read all three books.Thanks for writing this one.

    1. I'm so glad you liked it. Check out my giveaway here on the blog. I have a short piece in Pawprints on my Heart, the anthology I'm giving away. Snake was based on the dog in that piece (he was my pet as a kid). That was a great Con in Midland, maybe I'll see you at the next one. Happy Reading!


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