Monday, May 4, 2015

A snippet of TAKERS: Apocalypse in Eden Book One

  In the beginning, there was a boy named Jack who felt he was on the verge of becoming ... something. It was the end of eighth grade. The next year would be high school, and everyone knows that's where the memories are made, but first, there was the final eighth grade dance to get through. And here he was, sitting in the basement, procrastinating ... just before the world fell apart.

No one really knew how he really felt about Derencia. He’d worked hard to keep it from Cade, his best friend. Jack wouldn’t have been able to walk the halls without worrying about what Cade might’ve done or said if he’d known.
He gave himself another little shake. Idiot, she’s up there in the gym right now waiting for the crepe paper and here you sit looking at sci-fi stuff like a total dor—
The lights went out.
Jack froze.
Cade’s computer winked off and then came back on. It was plugged into the wall because it was always low on juice, but it had built up a little charge so it was able to stay powered up.
Probably just the wind. It always messes with the power.
Thank goodness I have the laptop’s light.

The following song expresses what Jack is feeling. The fact that it's about a beautiful soul dovetails nicely with the story.

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