Monday, October 20, 2014

ToysRUs Has Gone to the Darkside

And I don't mean the Darth Vader darkside. If only life were still that simple.

Nope, this time the toy giant has gone plumb overboard.
Have you seen this article? 

It says ToysRUs is now selling Breaking Bad characters complete with pretend bags of crystal meth and cash.

They admit they are doing this because sales have been lagging. So yes, it is true Virginia, there is no Santa and the all mighty dollar is the anti-Christ.

My question is, how did we get from Mickey, Minnie, and Barbie to this?

I'm not going to preach long. I just want to say one thing about this ridiculous ploy to make money. My niece is in jail. She, too, thought crystal meth was the ticket to the ball. She will probably not get out of prison until she's in her forties or fifties. This is her second or third time. She once told me meth is so addictive it makes heroin look like candy cigarettes. My once beautiful niece has not only lost twenty plus years of her life, she has also lost custody of her three year old daughter. That sweet baby can't understand why her mommy won't come and pick her up from her dad's house. She says she's visited him long enough, she's ready to go home now. But she no longer has a home with her mommy. Meth took care of that.

Wonder what that sweet girl would say about these wonderful new toys?

Afterthought: What's your opinion? 

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