Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Release ~ LILAC LANE ~ It's Finally Here!

I'm so excited! Today is the release day for LILAC LANE -- Romantic Suspense from 5 Prince Publishing.

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 Here's an excerpt:
“You’re humming that Brown Eyed Girl song aren’t you?” Nick (her ten year old son) asked.
“Hmm. So I was. It’s an old song from way back. I’ve always liked it.” She pulled into the carport and engaged the Jeep’s parking brake. The pine trees were fragrant. Several branches touched the metal roof of the carport. They made a shushing sound when the wind blew. It also sent their tangy green fragrance into the Jeep’s open windows. “We may regret not having a garage when it snows this winter,” she said.
“I think he likes you,” Nick replied.
Ella stopped with her finger on the automatic window button. The windows stopped halfway up. “Chet Boone?”
Nick rolled his eyes. “No. The Incredible Hulk.”

Early Reviews:

's review 
Jul 13, 14

Read from July 04 to 13, 2014

I love reading romantic suspense, so I had a feeling I was going to enjoy Lilac Lane by Ann Swann. And I liked reading the suspenseful parts of noises in the attic, lights going out at night, and the unusual and scary surprises. The romance between Ella and Chet was sweet and promising, and author's sense of humor made me smile. But what made this book an even a better read for me was the great relationship between Ella and her son. It was very endearing, and also showed the growth of both of them toward the end of the book. All in all, Lilac Lane is a very enjoyable read.

LILAC LANE s a captivating, great book by an even more amazing author! It’s a must-read for every reader who enjoys a good mystery book, and it has a romantic twist that makes it even better. I knew that Ann Swann was an amazing talent, but this book took my breath away. The author’s talent was really showcased in this novel. I started it one morning and literally couldn’t put it down until I finished it. Absolutely fantastic book!

Very enjoyable read! Well written and entertaining,lovely relationship between the mother and her young son. Suspense and also romance. Would definitely recommend this book and the author. Can't wait to read more of Ms. Swann's work. I was sent an ARC for an honest review. KL

Oh I so wish I would have read the first book before this one, I had it too and didn't realize!! So when I offered to read and review this for Ann Swann and give my honest opinion, I wish I had remembered, but, I will be going back and reading the first book in this series.

Ella and her son move into their new home. Its a safe place for them and they are just beginning to relax a bit.

The trouble is, not long after moving in, Nick her son hears some disturbance in the attic, which alarming he wakens Ella.

Both go in search of the source but find nothing.

After a couple of times of this happening Ella calls for the Police to come out and investigate, but it looks like its the wild life that are getting in. Even that didn't stop the antics in the attic though.

This was a gripping read, what with the husband now out, it could be him? Or could it?

Throw in a bit of romance too and you have a winner! I really did enjoy this book, so much so I have to go read the first book as it will tie up some loose thoughts in my head.

I don't know why I didn't read this authors book before, she has an absolutely lovely way of writing.

Highly recommended.

AFTERTHOUGHT: You can still pick up STUTTER CREEK for only .99 until the end of July!

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