Sunday, March 23, 2014

LIAOTP - Writing Tips

Leave It All On the Page    

LIAOTP - That's my #1 writing tip - it means every time you sit down to write, get every thought on paper without regard to content or sentence structure--and don't even think about punctuation! Write, write, write. Editing comes later.

#2 Writing tip - set a goal each writing session - notice I didn't say each day. I often sit down to write two or three times a day, if possible. But I don't set goals based on number of words written. I don't understand that. I set my goals according to the clock. For example: I've got an hour, or, two hours, or sometimes, I've got fifteen minutes--let me get this down.

#3 Writing tip - Write the best parts first. In other words, go back to Writing Tip #1 and write what comes to you before it gets away. The best--most exciting--parts always come to me first. Even if they are scenes out of order, I write them anyway.

#4 Writing tip - Don't stop when the best parts are over - push on even if it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Reward yourself with a walk later.

#5 My last writing tip for today - When you think you're too tired to write another word . . . write another paragraph. The tired mind is a different animal. The next day, you may be surprised what you wrote!

Afterthought: What is your best kept writing secret?

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