Sunday, January 19, 2014

Just a Peek at WIP - Maybe Someday

 Here's a little snippet from my Work In Progress, Maybe Someday.  It's the second Romantic Suspense novel set in the little town of Stutter Creek, NM.

This novel is about a woman and her son who must flee an abusive relationship and start a new life in Stutter Creek.  Will she have the chance to love again?  Or will her ex-husband put a stop to her dreams of a new life?

           She couldn’t believe she’d fallen for someone so mean and hateful.  Then she recalled all the news stories of wives who had fallen for men who turned out to be little more than psychopaths in disguise.  When the wife disappeared, the authorities almost always looked at the husband first.  She recalled one particular story about a new wife who disappeared right off the cruise ship while they were on their honeymoon.  It’s hard to really know someone, Cara thought.  Especially when they seek to deceive.
            The sound of the bell was very foreign in this new house.

Okay, that's all for this week.   Thanks for stopping by.

Afterthought:  If you would like to read the first Romantic Suspense novel, just click on the Stutter Creek cover in the sidebar.  It's also on Audio!

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