Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Audio Books - Yeah!

Howdy, first of all, I've got a new interview up at 

Thank you, Cheryl Carpinello!

The topic of the interview is my Middle Grade writing.  The Phantom Series is aimed at Middle Grade and up.  In other words, ages 10 to 100.  I've had great reviews from all age groups.  

And today, the first book in the trilogy, Stevie-girl and the Phantom Pilot, has gone live on  The narrator is the immensely talented, Janet Borrus.  It will also be available on iTunes and as an audio book.

Here is the audio book link for both books:

ALL FOR LOVE, my women's novel, has also just been released on audio. Go to the same link listed above. It was narrated by the awesomely talented, Kelly Self.  It will also be available on iTunes and audio very soon. Enjoy listening to these talented narrators read my stories.

One more note about my audio books; all covers are being done by Deborah at Tugboat  I think she does a wonderful job--I really love the way the All For Love audio cover tied in with the original All For Love print edition.  

Afterthought:  Please take a moment to leave a review if you pick up one of these books--or any of my books.  Reviews are like bread and butter to authors and narrators (and cover artists, too). 


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