Monday, June 3, 2013

Sara Barnard, RONE Finalist and Winner of Reader's Preference Round!

Check out this email my daughter received today:

Dear Sara Barnard: CONGRATULATIONS!!!   Your book, “A Heart on Hold”  won the reader preference round and now is a finalist for the 2012 RONE awards! 

Whoohoo! I knew it was a great book ~ now the reader's have proved me right! Yes, I'll admit it, I take credit for all good things where my lovely daughter is concerned.  When she messes up, she belongs to her dad.  Everyone knows that rule, right? Haha!  Seriously, if you like Historical Romance, and you haven't picked up this book---the first in the Everlasting Heart series---what the heck are you waiting for?  She's working on book four already!

Afterthought: Yes, I am a proud Mama.  LOL


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