Thursday, June 27, 2013

Giveaways - Should I Feel Flattered or Furious?

I choose furious.  Actually, I don't choose it, I just let it wash over me and move on.  But first, I want to share with you the reason why.  You see, it appears that most, if not all, of the print versions of Stutter Creek which I gave away on Goodreads, actually wound up for sale--as new--on Amazon.  One even touts a book mark signed by the author.

Helloooo, I don't recall signing any bookmarks so ummm, what gives?  Oh, you mean those rack cards my pub had made with the Ann Swann signature design?  Not really an author sig, sorry.

Nevertheless, after seeing those books pop up on Amazon barely a week after the giveway ended and the books were mailed out, I was at first dumbfounded, then furious.  Oh, not because the "readers" were trying to sell them--I don't really care what happens to them if the person buys the book, I'm just furious that these were my author copies from my publisher.  The resellers did not purchase them.  They got them for FREE as a promotional giveaway.  Now they're trying to make a buck (or $22.95 in one case) off my good nature.  Hmph!  Not cool.  Yes, yes, I know that once something is given away, it becomes the property of the "givee."  Still, it isn't right.  Entering Goodreads giveaways just to try and make a buck is just downright smarmy.

And now that I know how that game is played, I will not be gifting any more print versions of any of my books.  Digital either for that matter.  The bloom, as they say, is off the rose.  Or perhaps I've just removed my rose-colored glasses.

Afterthought:  Rant over.  Next time, I'll be back to normal, sharing a snippet from one of the books.  Maybe Crybaby Bridge, maybe Stutter Creek . . . I can't decide.  But it will be one of them, that much is certain.  Then, I'm itching to do another movie review.  Yes, Dude is finally better and we were able to spend a couple of evenings at the Drive-In. Whoohoo, life is good great!


  1. That happened to me too. Eventually you will get over it.

    1. You're right...I'm over it. It was just a shock. Live & learn, right?

  2. Ahhh...that's so sad, but I hate for others to suffer because of a few bad apples. I know it happens, even in the contests I run...I know there are cheaters. I just try to weed out the fakes and look for the readers who really want a signed copy. I don't know if it helps, but when I sign a copy, I always address it to the person whom I'm giving it to.

    And I never gift Smashword coupons...only Amazon or B&N gifts. Good luck on your new release, Ann, and I'm glad your husband is feeling better, as I enjoy reading your reviews.


    1. Thanks, Carmen. I'm pretty sure I addressed all of the Goodreads books to the winners--you know, which makes me really, really curious about where those might have come from. No, I don't do the Smashwords coupons either...
      Thanks for the kind words on hubby!


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