Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Seriously, Who Wrote This Thing?

I don't know about you, but when I'm reading a book or watching a movie or even a TV show, I am constantly critiquing the writing.  Sometimes, I wish I'd written the story (jealousy), but other times, I wonder how the heck the story-writer ever got hired.  Especially when it comes to detective shows on TV.

I won't say which popular television detective series I'm talking about, but just let me say this: I love the main character--he is smart and flawed--and the actor who plays him is awesome, but the actual storyline is often downright ridiculous.  Sometimes, it is so silly I lose interest.  I mean, it's a detective series.  Shouldn't there be a law that the writers have to follow some sort of logic to get from point A to point B? On top of that, even I know that you can't arrest someone without probable cause.  And that pesky Miranda warning?  Not really deemed necessary in this show. . .  they just slap the cuffs on the perps and throw them in the car.

I can't help it, the omission of those little details really bug me sometimes.

Now one of my favorite cop-type shows is NCIS.  The writing in that show usually leaves me without complaint, and the characters?  Well, they make the show.  Blue Bloods is another fave.  Okay, I'll admit it.  I watch it mainly because of Tom Selleck and the family values the writers promote.  Although they almost lost me as a viewer when they lost Detective Jackie--I really liked her character.

Big Bang Theory is another show with great writing, usually.  (Not a cop show, of course)  At least it's great when they leave out the lab-animal jokes.  They will definitely lose me as a viewer if they keep doing those.  I don't think the suffering of animals or people is EVER appropriate comedy material.

With movies, I am sooo far behind.  My hubby hurt his back and can't sit through an entire movie right now.  That's why I haven't done any reviews lately. (And yes, I am having popcorn withdrawal symptoms, thanks for asking.)

As for books, I've become a very slow reader.  I think it's because I've been doing lots of writing and rewriting.  But of course I am reading (I'm still alive aren't I?).  So just for the record, I'm finishing up WOOL, by Hugh Howey and I have really enjoyed it even though it's extremely dark.  It's so original, and so plausible . . . and the writing is, at times, lyrical.  Plus, I think the fact that my hubby's auntie (Hi, Aunt Linda!) actually once owned an abandoned missile silo lends the book an authenticity to which I can relate (having been down a couple of levels myself).

I've got tons of other books downloaded and some started and dropped, and I'm looking forward to Stephen King's new ones, too.  (I've got The Wind Through the Keyhole, but haven't started it yet).  I've also got Dr. Sleep pre-ordered, (at least I think I do, I often forget about it when I do that) and I recently read an article stating that he isn't going to publish Joyland in digital, only print.  He wants to help bookstores, he says.  I admire him for the thought, but couldn't one simply order the paperback from Amazon?  And wouldn't that sort of defeat the idea of having to go into an actual bookstore?  Oh well, it's the thought that counts, or so I've heard.

Now, tell me about Joe Hill's latest, Nos4atu?  Have you read it?  And what about Neil Gaiman's upcoming adult book, The Ocean at the End of the Lane?  I might buy it just for that title.  And then there's Jeannette Walls' soon-to-be-released . . . and of course all my indie author friends who are publishing one title after another. . .

But tell me, what about you?  What are you reading, or watching?  And do you ever ask yourself, "Seriously, who wrote this thing?"

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  1. Love Big Bang Theory too. We watch Castle - another favorite although I always wonder when he finds time to write his bestsellers! LOL I entered the Goodreads Giveaway for Stutter Creek. Hope I win! :)

    1. My sis loves Castle, too. I know I would like it if ever started watching it! Good luck in the giveaway!


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