Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Meet Roger Manning author of Anthem!

Thanks for stopping by, folks!  Today I'm delighted to introduce you to a new author I met through one of my writing groups.

Born in Texas, Roger Manning began storytelling at an early age. He published his first creative writing while in college. He attended West Texas State University, Our Lady of the Lake and UT Austin for degrees in bachelor’s of sociology, a master’s in social work and a doctorate in Adult Education & HRD, respectively. Roger was a champion sailor, having competed in Hobie Cat races, a master instructor in Tae Kwon Do and Ho Shin Shul martial arts, and an avid reader. He worked as a trainer for state agencies in Austin, Texas; a dean of continuing education, in Sweetwater, Texas; and a dean of technology studies and curriculum, in Odessa, Texas. He retired in 2008 and began his story telling anew.

Contact information:
Roger W. Manning may be contacted at rmann862582@me.com. He has an author’s page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rogerwarrenmanning?ref=hl.
Roger W. Manning announces the release and availability of his short stories series, Anthem and Other Short Stories. The trilogy has publication dates of Dec. 23, 2013, Feb. 13, 2013 and TBA about May 2013, just in time for summer reading.

Book information:
Roger’s books can be found at Amazon.com http://tinyurl.com/bcwpvo8
under Anthem I and Other Short Stories, and Anthem II and Other Short Stories by Roger W. Manning. The first book was published December 23, 2012 and the second, February 13, 2013. Anthem I and II have the Amazon number of ASIN: B00BENOU8U. Anthem I is soon to be released on CreateSpace. It will have the ISBN of 9780615784472.

The apocalypse, space witches, con artists in space, trickery of wizards, and magic buttons are a few subjects written about in Roger’s short stories. While most of the stories are in SciFi or Fantasy, a few are in other genre. Roger’s offerings are a smörgåsbord or reading variety.

Excerpt from Anthem I and Other Short Stories

Chapter II: The Outside

He spent the morning digging a grave for Paw. He decided he should put him in something and not just dump him in the barren grave. He went to the barn and built a crude box.

He lowered Paw into the hole and filled it, then thought about putting something on Paw’s grave. He returned to the house and took a Prince Albert tin from a shelf. It was what Paw called the last real tobacco. He returned to the grave and put the tin over Paw’s head. He cried again, he felt so utterly alone.
He realized he was hungry. He pulled the cart to the barn, and then went to the house to cook. This time, he cooked for one. He didn’t taste his food. It didn’t appeal to him.
He remembered the farm animals and began his feeding chores later than usual. They were as hungry as he was, he thought. He had to return to the farmhouse and get a lantern to finish his chores.
When he got back to the house, he went to bed and cried in the darkness.


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