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Lisette Brodey ~ author of Molly Hacker is Too Picky!

Hello blogworld! Today ( a couple of days late), I'm welcoming Lisette Brodey, a very talented author.  Read on to find out what else makes Lisette tick:

You seem very creative.  What is your favorite form of expression, the written word, the stage, film, photography, or other?

For me, it is definitely the written word because it’s what I do best. In a different lifetime, I would like to do more with my acting, but being only a SAG-AFTRA background actor right now doesn’t give me much opportunity to express my creativity. I absolutely love photography and have a good eye for it. I’d love to have more training, though, and, oh yeah, a MUCH better camera.

Give us a blurb about your book.

At thirty-two, newspaper reporter Molly Hacker vows to never attend another wedding until she has had her own. And that’s a problem because Molly’s younger sister, Hannah, is going to be married in one year. Armed with snark, wit, and fabulous good looks, “Picky Molly” embarks on a quest to find Mr. Right in her hometown.

Things get complicated fast. In no time at all, Molly has four “men of interest” and the memories of a lost love to send her overanalytic, befuddled mind into serious overdrive. Determined not to let her “helpful” girlfriends help her right out of another relationship, Molly tries to keep mum on the state of her love life. Her BFF male coworker, Randy, becomes her closest confidant as he stumbles over romantic issues with his new Mr. Right, Kyle. Meanwhile, Molly’s BFF gal pals aren’t too happy about being left out of the loop.

Tweaking Molly’s last nerve is the town’s most visible socialite, Naomi Hall-Benchley, who, for self-serving reasons, is hell-bent on setting up Molly, and she doesn’t care who she has to manipulate or hurt to do it. Just how far will she go?

Molly Hacker Is Too Picky! takes the reader on a yearlong romp through Molly’s mind and a joyride through her life. Her dating life, town secrets, a group of quirky, crazy characters, and Naomi’s machinations collide head-on at a holiday gala that will change the social landscape of Swansea forever. As the New Year rolls in, Molly gets earth-shattering news. Can she go on? Will life ever return to abnormal again?
What are you working on now?

I’ve just finished publishing a book of poetry that my mother wrote in her 20s and 30s. I’ve been working on this project for over five months. The book, available in paperback, Kindle & Nook editions, is called My Way to Anywhere by Jean Lisette Brodey. On my website, readers can read my blog, A POET IS PUBLISHED – A MERE 50+ YEARS LATER, which includes an interview with my mother.

As far as my own work is concerned, I’m 50,000 words into my fourth novel, a YA paranormal. I’ve actually started my fifth novel, a novelization of a play I began writing at the age of 17 (and finished in my late 20s) and have many notes for my sixth novel, which I suspect will be my greatest effort of all.

What has been the most exciting day of your life so far?

Can I get back to you on that one? I’m hoping my most exciting day is still in front of me.

What sort of music do you like?

I have very eclectic taste in music. My favorite singer of all time is Marvin Gaye, and I really love R&B. I also like pop, vocal standards, rock, show music, jazz, classical, and some Irish music, especially by the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem.

What makes your heart race?

When I mistakenly tweet out a personal message to someone and am in a furious rush to undo the damage!

What food or drink must you have in order to function?

Fruits, vegetables, herbal teas, and popcorn (only when I’m at the movies).

Any words of advice about writing or getting published?

First, whether you plan to self-publish, go with a small press, or seek out an agent to be traditionally published, don’t be in such a rush that you query with what amounts to an unedited draft or worse, a published one. 

It’s tough for writers because there are not only several options for publishing, but no matter which route you go, you’ll have to wear many hats. The good news is that there is a wealth of information out there in the form of social media contacts, blogs, articles, and on and on. Do your research. Don’t take one person’s opinion as gospel. Get to know the lay of the land. We all make mistakes, and in hindsight, most of us wish we’d done a whole lot of things differently. My advice is to have as much patience as possible and to make sure that your work is polished and edited before you attempt to share it with the world. It will help you to have fewer regrets later on.

What would you say to your childhood self if you could see her today?

Well, most of what I would say to her wouldn’t be something I could publish for the world to see. (I know, Ann. Not a great response for an interview!) But my main message would be: Stay focused, finish what you start, never give up, and understand that the greatest barriers in your life often are the self-imposed ones.

Oooh, I love that line, Lisette.  Thanks so much for letting me pick your brain. 
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  1. Fabulous interview with a wonderful author. I'm a big fan of Lisette Brodey's work so it is always great to read about her and what she has to say.

    Looking forward to reading her next masterfully written novel and adding it to my growing collection. HIGHLY recommend all of Ms Brodey's books.
    Thanks again

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa. I completely agree!


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