Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Thanks to all who entered the Books-a-Fire Books and Music Giveaway.  It is always so much fun to give things to people.  Of course, I don't mind winning things now and then, either.  Just sayin'...

Here are the Official Winners:

Grand Prize of $100 and a bundle of books/music:
Karen Couch

The other winner of a bundle of books/music:
Jessica Pittman

Winners of the last two $25 Gift Cards were:
Becki Wyer
Fiona Williams

All winners have been notified. Thanks to everyone who entered! 

Watch for a simple $10 Amazon gift card to be given 

away here on my blog and on my FB page in February!

(see tab bar for FB link)


If you haven't been here before, go up to the tab bar and 

check out some free short stories ~ who knows, you might 

like 'em.  Just be warned, sometimes I write the weird stuff 

because well, you know, I'm kinda weird.  


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