Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Congrats and a Review of Sara's Promise

Thanks to everyone who entered the All For Love giveaway on Goodreads. The winner was Holly Anderson and I have already put her signed copy in the mail.

I also gave away a $10 Amazon gift card courtesy of my publisher, 5 Prince Publishing. This was here on my blog.

The winner of the gift card was Sandy Wolters. She has already received her gift card. 

Congratulations to both winners. I love giving things away. Watch for a new giveaway in January!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday ~ 

Cheers and happy reading!

Check out my review of Deanna Sletten's book, Sara's Promise.  If you like love stories, you will like this one!

If you've read Deanna Sletten's work, then you know what a deft touch she has with her characters. Sara's Promise follows that same tradition. The characters are real. They will make you cry, cheer, and cringe, but they won't let you down. In the long run, Deanna's story is one of forgiveness and hope. It is also about the cycle of life, and this is touchingly illustrated by the way the beautiful cover ties in with the ending of the book. All in all, a lovely, lovely love story.


  1. Thank so much for posting the review for Sara's Promise here. I feel lucky to call you my friend. :)

    1. You are welcome ~ I really enjoy your writing!


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