Friday, September 28, 2012

Movie Review: Trouble With the Curve

Movie Review: Trouble With the Curve

What to say about this movie?  Clint Eastwood.  Baseball.  Family drama.
Okay, so he’s gotten old.  He makes no bones about that.  In fact, the first scene in the movie deals with certain body parts that no longer function the way they should.   No big deal, right?  We already knew he wasn’t one to shy away from touchy subjects (no pun intended, really!).  Remember Gran Torino?  I think I mentioned that one before.    

I’m not going to mention his “empty chair” speech during the Republican convention—oops, I guess I just did.  Okay then, but I won’t give my opinion on it—because I didn’t see it.  Politics sicken me.  I don’t like either side.  It’s so obvious that none of them have the best interests of the people in mind . . . so there.  No, I don ‘t ignore them completely, I definitely vote, but I don’t like it.  “Not one little bit.”  (I think that was a Dr. Seuss quote there, very appropriate, wouldn’t you say?)

Sorry, back to the movie.  It was very satisfying.  It kept me upright in my seat—we were at the drive-in movie theater don’t forget, so if something gets boring, I just pull out my pillow and snooze, I never get enough ZZZs anymore, part of that “getting older” thing Clint portrays so well, I think—anyhow, this one never got boring.  And the scratchy relationship between Clint and his daughter—Amy Adams, who did a very nice job, btw—well, it was quite captivating. 

No spoilers today.   Let me just finish up by saying one more thing.  Justin Timberlake.  I like that guy.  Not such a fan of his music (except for that one catchy tune about the box on SNL a few years back), but I am a fan of his acting.  He’s funny.  But then, I like Marky Mark Wahlberg, too.  What can I say?  Go see the movie.  Make my day.  Sorry.  I had to do it.

Afterthought:  John Goodman was in this movie.  I like that guy, too.  He looks good for another old man.  And he plays a good guy, too, so that's nice.  What’s coming next?  Book reviews.  Yay!  I’ll review 11/22/63 and then Wallflower in Bloom.  After that, I hope to review some more indies . . . my TBR list is getting plumb out of hand!


  1. Everybody’s good, but the story was nothing worth recommending one bit. It’s a pleasant enough time, but could have been a whole lot better. Good review Ann.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Dan. You're right, I may be a bit biased when it comes to Clint *swoon* LOL.


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