Sunday, July 15, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday July 22, 2012

Howdy once again,
Can't believe another week has flown by, but here we are, and here are a few more sentences from The Phantom Student.  (I thought I had them scheduled to post last week, but I must've done something wrong--imagine that! Because they never went up.) 
In this scene, the big man on the junior high campus, Sandy Morrison, has just strolled by Jase and Stevie's lunch table and made a rude comment because they had invited Derol Pavey, the new kid (who has Tourette syndrome), to sit with them.   "Oughta be in a home," Sandy had said.  Stevie-girl, our first-person-narrator, didn't take the comment lightly, this is what followed:   

            “Some people just think they're better than everyone,” I said to the air.  Apparently my voice was louder than I thought, for all of a sudden, Sandy turned and stared right at me.  I wanted to shrink into my jacket and disappear, but that wasn’t an option . . . so I stuck my tongue out at him.  I didn’t mean to, it just happened.  Maybe I’ve got Tourette or something; can’t control my own actions.
            Jase almost fell off the bench he was laughing so hard.  

That's it for this week.  The book will be released on or before October 23rd.  I already have the print ARCs so perhaps it won't be much longer.  I look forward to visiting some of the other blogs to check out your snippets.


  1. LOL! Love it. And I think you captured exactly what a girl her age might do in that situation. :)

  2. You really capture the feeling of being that age and the things that happen, like speaking too loud! I like that she brazened it out...excellent excerpt, enjoying the story!

  3. Good for Stevie-girl. I hope my boys' friends will stick up for them if they ever run into people like Sandy.

    1. I know. We all need friends like that!

  4. I think being big man on campus does things to people.

  5. Great six! Can't wait to read more.

  6. I like this story, Ann. And I like Stevie Girl--she's a good role model.

    Sticking her tongue out at him... It made me smile. :-)

  7. Yeah. I love him for standing up for the new kid and for what's right. I hate bullying.

  8. I like how she defends her friend -- and sticking out her tongue is priceless! Nice six.

  9. Inviting trouble, this one! Go, Stevie!!


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