STUTTER CREEK - Romantic Suspense
From  5 Prince Publishing

Beth went in search of an old flame, but she found a serial killer instead.

Chapter Two

Standing in the patch of sunlight, the blond giant smiled crookedly and Beth knew it was John. She rushed forward to embrace him. He was shirtless, wearing nothing but a pair of old cutoffs, his bronze skin glistening with water from the creek. His hair was long, tied back in a ponytail with a knotted length of twine. He was an eighteen-year-old demigod stumbling around the forest in search of his subjects.

He opened his arms at her approach. “Beth.” His voice was just as she remembered. She melted into the shelter of his embrace. Her damp, sun-warmed skin met his and she sighed. She was wearing a red bikini top and her own stringy- hemmed cutoffs.

Slowly, she raised her face. The top of her head barely grazed his shoulder. She had to stand on her tip-toes even though he was leaning down—then their lips met, and the brilliant rays of sunlight falling through the pines illuminated his face like that of a saint in a stained-glass window. “Saint John,” she laughed.

He laughed with her.

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