Saturday, April 7, 2018

5 Star Review REMAINS IN THE POND and still on sale!

Great 5 Star Review and it's still on sale for 99¢

Reviewed By Trudi LoPreto for Readers’ Favorite    
In The Remains in the Pond by Ann Swann, Gabi is off to the Senior Prom with her best friend, Asa, but upon arriving she quickly leaves him for the boy she has had a crush on all year, Matt. Matt is there with his cousin, Rose, but is happy to leave her with friends so as to spend time with Gabi. The two connect deeply and think they have found true love. An unfortunate car accident leaves Matt seriously hurt; Gabi and Rose will have their lives changed forever. Gabi immediately leaves her very small town of Live Oak, Texas and travels to California where she finds new experiences, friendship and romance. Reece is the handsome blond surfer who will turn Gabi’s life upside down.  

The Remains in the Pond had me at page one and never lost me. The plot, the characters, the mystery and the excitement are all well defined and represented. I found myself lost in my reading as I was drawn further and further into what really happened at the “Pond” and where it would end. Ann Swann has me as a new fan as I am anxious to read more of her books. Mystery, romance, suspense and adventure is what you will find when you read The Remains in the Pond. There is just so much going on at once and all of it is connected, so I strongly urge you to read and enjoy this book for yourself. The Remains in the Pond is appropriate for young adults as well as older folks because it has a little of everything for everyone without being overly sexy, violent or using bad language. All I can say is read it and you won’t be disappointed.