Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Don't Know if I Lost My Horse or . . .

If you're a country gal like me, you might recall the old saying "I've been so busy, I don't know whether I lost my horse or found a rope."  Well, that's me lately. Between writing, editing, and promoting (I know, I don't do nearly enough of that!), and working my part time job, I often wonder about the rope in my hand.

Which reminds me of the time my teenaged sister and I really did find a horse.  He was tied to a stop sign at a crossroads in our semi-rural area north of town.  One of his eyes had been gouged out, and he was left standing in the hot Texas sun.

I don't know how many people passed that pony before sis and I happened along, but we had two horses of our own, and the house was only a couple of miles away.

She drove and I held his lead rope out the passenger window.  Slowly, we took that poor Shetland home.  Mom called the vet who came and put him down.  He had already developed encephalitis.

How can people be so cruel?

Not really a rhetorical question.  There are so many "excuses" for cruelty.  I think that is why it shows up in my fiction so often.

The killer in my Stutter Creek novel is partly based on another awful incident that happened right around our home town a few years ago.  A man driving down the Interstate threw his four year old son out beside the road--literally threw him.  When the boy was found by a coach and his own son on their way to a game, the poor boy was covered with over four hundred cactus spines.  And who knows what other abuse he had suffered.  Thank God he survived and was found.

And don't even get me started about the teen who is still missing an hour from here.  A decomposed body was found yesterday.  Of course we all wonder if it could be her.

That's why, when people ask me how I can write about killers and monsters, I say how can I NOT write about them?  They are everywhere.

Afterthought:  At least in fiction, I can make sure there is a happy ending.


  1. I remember that, when he tossed the boy out of the car. Sickening. Monsters are everywhere and I think that is why I choose not to write about the "bad guys" ... (or I kill them off quickly heh heh heh) ... because it is hard enough to let my babies go to school or anywhere else out of my sight after I read the news.

    1. Totally understandable. That's what many people want when they read, an escape from the horrors of daily life.


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