Monday, November 19, 2012

Time for Reading

Making up the beds in the guest room, where the grandchildren sleep, always makes me sad.  Oh, I know they'll be back.  They aren't grown yet, and the holiday season is coming.  Still . . . all their little things.  The things they always leave behind.  The stuffed penguin, the hair band, the shoes peeking out from under the quilt rack, forgotten.  And the kid's books, so many books.  Reading has always been one of our favorite pastimes, just as it should be.

I'm reminded of the Velveteen Rabbit, and how he felt when he was forgotten under the bed.  I feel that way sometimes.  Their vibrancy gone, the house, so quiet, empty but for me and the dogs, and the radio.  The cat doesn't make any noise at all.

Before I reach for the light, I plump the Rainbow Brite pillow my mom made for Sara when she was only four.  Mom's been gone that many years now.  The pillow is almost as bright as the day she "ran it up" on the machine.  It was her favorite hobby, sewing.

I have several grandchildren now.  They are the ones who inhabit this room, and the chambers of my heart.  They are the ones who keep time, and illustrate its passage so innocently.

I glance around once more, then click off the light and head for the computer.  And Facebook.  Maybe their mom has posted some new pictures.  They grow up so fast.  I think that's one reason I write for young people.  My Phantom Series is perfect for reading aloud with your middle grader.

Watch for the Kid's Blog Hop Dec. 7th - 10th.  I'll be giving away a signed copy just in time for Christmas.


  1. I can feel the emptiness in the room when they're gone, the way you explain it - so important to have other things in your life to keep the mind and heart occupied. :)


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